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'Til Dice Do Us Part





Bunco Babes


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2010-04-01 Obsidian  

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The Bunco Babes are not your average retirees. When they're not playing bunco, they like to throw themselves into juicy mysteries. But murder itself is a dicey business, and in this game, luck can run out for good.

When Claudia Connors returns from Vegas with a new husband, actor Lance Ledeaux, Kate McCall and the other Bunco Babes are shocked. Claudia seems to think she's hit the jackpot, but the Bunco Babes wonder whether what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. To make matters worse, Lance has plans to direct, produce, and star in a play he has written -- and he wants all the Babes to participate.

Kate suspects the honeymoon is over once she hears Lance and Claudia having a heated exchange. When he's killed during a rehearsal with a pistol, all eyes are on his new bride, who is literally holding the smoking gun. Kate knows that anyone backstage could have replaced the blanks with real bullets, so it's up to her to prove Claudia's innocence -- or her newly widowed friend will be throwing dice behind bars.

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