Detailed view for the Book: Catfantastic V (Anthology)

In these all-original stories, you'll meet the cats of the past, cats of the stars-wide future, cats who take power into their own paws, and cats who can face down Death itself. These are 24 tales certain to capture the hearts and imaginations of feline-lovers everywhere.

Edited by Andre Norton and Martin H. Greenberg

• The Golden Cats by Robin Wayne Bailey
• Grow Old Along With Me by Lee Barwood
• Puss by Jayge Carr
• Goliath by R. Davis
• Dragon, the Book by David Drake
• The Courtesan Who Loved Cats by India Edghill
• The Maltese Feline by Rosemary Edghill
• A Cat’s Tale by Paul Goode
• Tenth-Life Cat by P. M. Griffin
• Kindred Hearts by Caralyn Inks
• A Better Mousetrap by Mercedes Lackey
• The Big Ice by Sharon Lee
• Preliminary Report by Barry B. Longyear
• Lullaby by Lyn McConchie
• The Very Early Hermione by Ardath Mayhar
• Miss Lotte by Sandra Miesel
• Kitten Claws by Sasha Miller
• Noble Warrior and the "Gentleman" by Andre Norton
• The Cat, the Sorceress, the Buttons, and Why by Mary Schaub
• Hobson’s Choice by Susan Shwartz
• Rosemary for Remembrance by Estelle Traylor
• Patches’ Pride by Laura J. Underwood
• Trixie by Lawrence Watt-Evans
• Pick, Cry, and Grin (Ag’in) by Rose Wolf