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Modesty Blaise


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1 1966-00-00 Alpha Books  

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Here is the latest adventure of Modesty Blaise, and (of course) Willie Garvin, in which they find themselves pitted against a truly awesome enemy - Karz, a modern Genghis Khan with an army of ruthless mercenaries.
The lovely and lethal freelance trouble-shooter, with her talented Cockney follower, go into the caper blind. Sir Gerald Tarrant, of the Foreign Office, knows that Modesty and Willie need the stimulus of the action they miss since retiring from crime and becoming respectable - or fairly respectable - and he does not scruple to use that knowledge. Tarrant cannot spend money and agents on following up what seems to be an absurd hunch; but these two powerful operators cost nothing, and he knows they respect his hunches.

Then begins a strange and accelerating train of events which carries Modesty and Willie from London to Paris, Lisbon, Tanguer, and finally to the great and remote ranges of the Hindu Kush.

Their careful plans involve a return to crime and an astonishing £400,000 theft in France. But then the plans are shattered, for the enemy they seek is also seeking them - as vital conscripts for the mercenary army in its staggering purpose. And Karz holds a lever which compels total obedience from Modesty and Willie. That hold cannot be broken and the caper cannot be won except at grim cost - to somebody. And it is Modesty Blaise who picks up the bill.

Her betrayal by Willie Garvin, her lone fight against Karz's horrifying executioners, The Twins, and the ordeal and battle that follow, all carry the story to a sustained and seething climax.

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