Arthur Clarke - Rendezvous with Rama {unrated}

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Arthur Clarke - Rendezvous with Rama {unrated}

Postby Wicked » Mon Dec 27, 2004 2:07 pm

Rendezvous with Rama /Rama /1

Rendezvous With Rama is indeed an interesting hard scifi read. The sequel, Ramma II, set 75 years after the first book, focuses more on character development and relationships than on the science and plausibility, although (fortunately) most of the psychological and sociological insights remain.

The in-depth focus on the characters must be the result of the co-writer's influence... and I'm not quite sure whether it was a good or bad thing. The following 2 books (The Garden of Rama, Rama Revealed) get progressively less like hard scifi and more like science fantasy... there are also some continuity problems (almost like the writers weren't sure whether to stick to one idea or the other, so they kept switching back and forth...) SPOILERS:
Spoiler: show
Such as the issue of Ramma's acceleration capability, the question of whether the bird creatures are mechanical or organic, and the actual impact Rama left on humanity

These "I'm not sure what the hell I want from my story" moments stretched my suspension of disbelief a bit.

Also, I believe the co-writer (and I'm almost completely convinced that HE was the one behind that, not Clarke) portrayed Humans incorrectly, especially in the 3rd book (Garden of Rama). He made the human race look like t3h ultimat3 3v1L b4st@Rds of D00M!!!!11111oneone11! and I just disagree with that.

Overall good series, even the sequels. It's the minor details that bug me the most, but the general story was nice.
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