Arthur C Clarke - 3001: The Final Odyssey - 10

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Arthur C Clarke - 3001: The Final Odyssey - 10

Postby teejay17 » Wed Aug 04, 2004 8:29 am

3001: The Final Odyssey

Okay, so there was a lot of criticism in regards to this novel; some have even speculated that Clarke did not even write this book, and that in actuality it was "Ghost written"--seems rather harsh, and I don't think this claim has any validity; the book does contain the usual Clarke flavour, but in this instance, it is more restrained, and turned more toward philosophical meanderings. If you're not up for thinking, than don't read this novel.
Nonetheless, for those who like experiencing adventure, this novel is a good choice precisely because not much happens as far as action goes: it is a philosophical adventure. Furthermore, in regards to the criticism that this book does not give any concrete answers I say this is not true: the answers, must be brought to the book by the reader; the book gives food for thought, but allows the reader to philosophize and draw his or her own conclusions. (Indeed, showing, not telling.)
What Sir Clarke has created in this series is indeed a totally different universe than the one in which we live, the universe of his mind; it is fleshed out just enough so that a reader's mind can take the strain of ideas and run with it, creating an entirely different universe for the reader.
Some readers can't handle this sort of imaginative exercise and prefer to be told what to think; 3001: The Final Odyssey is not the type of book for such readers.
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