Isaac Asimov - Foundation and Empire - 6

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Isaac Asimov - Foundation and Empire - 6

Postby StefanY » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:55 am

Foundation and Empire (Foundation - 2)

*This review is for all 3 books in the original Foundation Trilogy

I can understand why Asimov's Foundation Trilogy is one of the building blocks of the genre of Science Fiction as we know it today and I can respect the quality of the material itself. This trilogy is well-written, grand in scope, and has a very interesting concept, however I found it to be very dull for long periods of time and took me much longer than usual to plod through.

Asimov has crafted his tale around a scientist who foresees the end the current structure of civilization and devises a plan to accelerate the growth of a new empire and drastically shorten the predicted span of time in which the universe will be thrown into a time of barbarism. In order to accomplish this, a Foundation is created on a remote and otherwise unused planet and the trilogy involves the trials and travails of this Foundation as it establishes itself as a power in the universe.

Overall, not a bad series. I enjoyed the second book (Foundation and Empire) the most out of the three. As I mentioned, the story does get a bit tedious at times and it was an effort for me to pick it up and keep going from time to time. But from a historical aspect it is very interesting to read one of the building blocks of a genre.

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