John Dann MacDonald - Dress Her in Indigo - 4

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John Dann MacDonald - Dress Her in Indigo - 4

Postby clong » Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:29 pm

Dress Her in Indigo /Travis McGee /11

I had read a few of John D MacDonald's novels as a teen some 30 years ago, and found them both entertaining and no doubt a bit titillating. This year my mom leant me a box of old MacDonald paperbacks to peruse, and Dress Her in Indigo was my seventh book out of the box so far this year. I'd have to rate it as my least favorite, at least of the Travis McGee books, this time around. I'm not sure whether it's really all that much worse than the others, or I'm simply growing a bit tired of the series.

The plotting did offer a nice change of pace from the familiar McGee formula, with victims, sexual diversions, and bad guys all a varying considerably from the previous books I've read in the series. And the Mexican setting offered a bit of intriguing color.

But McGee has somehow lost much of his appeal, and I found the other characters to be uniformly neither believable nor sympathetic, with Lady Becky striking me as particularly gratuitous.

McGee does get to beat up both a gay man and a lesbian, and he proves to himself and the book's readers that hippies really are all dirty losers. I suppose some readers might get satisfaction out of that, but it didn't do anything for me.

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