Jack Vance - Palace of Love, The - 4

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Jack Vance - Palace of Love, The - 4

Postby clong » Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:45 am

Palace of Love, The /Demon Princes, The /3

I found the first two of the Demon Princes novels to be very good, and The Face to be only marginally less enjoyable. This one, not so much so.

Our protagonist Gersen has become one dimensional and considerably less interesting. The plot feels contrived and yet fairly ho-hum at the same time. To the extent that we ever get to know anything about the bad guy, he really isn't in the same league with his colleagues from the previous books (either as a villain, or as an exercise in characterization). I thought the best thing about the book was a couple of the supporting characters, the mad poet Navarth (who throws a great party) and the mysterious Drusilla.

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