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Norton, Andre "Meemaw" - Witch World - 9

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 7:33 pm
by wolfspirit
Witch World /Witch World /1

Witch world is the largest fantasy series published by Andre Norton. Spanning both generations of readers and characters, it is her best known fantasy (arguable, more people know of the Solar Queen).

This novel is fairly short, lasting a mere 200-odd pages, as in the fashin of many of the sci-fi novels in the 60's, short and full of action.

In the land of Estcarp, a select few women have the magical power, and because of that, they are the ruling body of the land. As in many stories I have read, the true name is sacred, the power is lost when they aren't a virgin, et cetera.

Otherwise, this is the fun sort of fantasy novel. Lots of killing, magic and some slight romance thrown in there for good measure. One I'm glad I managed to get a first edition of a few months ago (and I was quite willing to pay $2 for it). Now you can only buy as part of a omnibus of the first three books in the series, as the companies must not find it profitable to publish is seperately.

If you can get your hands on a copy to read, it is more worth your time than the new episode of Lost or your current favorite TV show.


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Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:31 pm
by Evaine
You got a first edition for $2? :shock:

I think I hate you.

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:22 pm
by wolfspirit
Evaine wrote:You got a first edition for $2? :shock:

I think I hate you.
When I got it, I had no idea it was worth anything more than any other edition of the book (I got it to read, not to collect). I had no real idea it was worth anything until that comment and then I looked on abebooks, and found copies seeling for much more than $2. And that was for ones labeled "poor". Mine definitely isin't in "poor" condition.

That said, the book isin't a perfect shape. The cover has a crease, and there is some red pencil marks on the "Order more books by Andre Norton" page.

But I decided I should just keep it in the upper shelf, the one that doesn't get knocked over and/or raided by other family members. In 30 years it may be worth more, or it may be worth less. But it still will read the same.