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Problem with the search engine

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:41 pm
by voralfred
It is not the first time that I notice problems with the search engine.

When thinking about a new blurb for the "One line blurb", some time ago, I wanted to check that the one that came to my mind had not been proposed already some years earlier, as I vaguely seemed to remember. I tried to find it using not just meaningful words in the title, but the name of the author, and words that should have been in the blurb, or in hints. None of these worked, so I decided that my vague memory was wrong, and I posted it as a new blurb.
After it was found I decided to go up the thread page by page, just to be totally sure, and, behold, it had been posted earlier (by myself, in fact, so my memory that it had been posted was true, but blurred by the passing of years).
Now I wanted to have a blurb ready for the case I guess one. An idea came to me, but I also vaguely remember posting it earlier. So I again searched for it with a totally unmistakable word. The search engine did not find it. But "once bitten, twice shy", this time I did go up page after page since my memory of posting it was clearer, and I even remembered who had guessed it. And, shazam, here it was, posted by me, and answered by the player (or should I say playeress?) whom I did remember (even though that was even earlier than the other one). And the word I had searched was there, with the correct spelling (anyway, after finding it, I tried the search engine again, this time with the absolute certainty there was no misspelling, since I had the "searched" word under my eyes) and still the search engine did not find it.
So now I have no new blurb ready. Well, I'll think some more.
But then, how can one trust that a question had not been asked before? For the 21 pages of "One Line Blurb", one can just barely go over all pages, but the LMBQG, with more than 100 pages?

Re: Problem with the search engine

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:35 am
by KiltanneN
Min characters indexed by search: 5
Max characters indexed by search: 14

Common word threshold: 3%
Words which are contained in a greater percentage of all posts will be regarded as common. Common words are ignored in search queries. Set to zero to disable. Only takes effect if there are more than 100 posts. If you want words that are currently regarded as common to be reconsidered you have to recreate the index.

These are the current search settings - the search index was taking up a REALLY large chunk of database - and there were some odd SQL errors popping up when I was trying to add the Supernatural genre.

I've re-indexed the search index so if you'd like to check it probably should be fine now

Re: Problem with the search engine

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:31 am
by voralfred
Oh, definitely.

The words I searched should have worked already then:
one case was Gilgamesh
the other case several attempts to find the posts : Havana, Graham, Greene, vacuum and cleaner

None worked last time. That is, they did find a few posts but not the ones I wanted. Now they do!