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David B. Coe is the Crawford Award-winning fantasy author of The LonTobyn Chronicle and Winds of the Forelands.

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Hey Mr. Coe, I am currently reading The Horseman's Gambit and enjoying it, but proceeding slowly because I've been rather busy. Im a big fan of your first series The Lon-Tobyn Chronicles (your second and third series too of course) and was wondering if you'd considered adding on to your lon-tobyn series after you finished writing about Grinsa and the southlands? Maybe something about Amarid, Theron, or even Phelan?

edit: Or the stories of the individual eagle sages?
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Thanks for the kind words, and for your support of my work. Glad you're enjoying Horsemen's Gambit. The Dark-Eyes' War is in production and will be out in February.

I have been asked quite a bit about returning to LonTobyn, and though I've never ruled it out, and continue to toy with the idea to this day, I have no firm plans to do so any time soon. I have several other projects on my plate right now, and many more ideas waiting in the wings. But it might happen eventually.

Thanks again for the message.


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