Books in the Series: Bullet Catchers

Series Description:
A “bullet catcher” is a common term for a bodyguard. But there’s nothing common about these Bullet Catchers The Bullet Catchers are an elite group of security and protection specialists who are considered the cream of the crop of contract bodyguards. They do not work for splashy corporate security firms; they do not accept hourly-wage assignments to protect wealthy people who want to impress their friends; they do not consist of former bouncers and night-shift guards who are looking to make extra money and hang around the rich and famous.
# Title Series Order Author First Published { AUTHOR_BOOKS_AMAZON }
1 Kill Me Twice 1 Roxanne St. Claire 2005-09-27 Amazon (US)
2 Thrill Me to Death 2 Roxanne St. Claire 2006-07-25 Amazon (US)
3 Take Me Tonight 3 Roxanne St. Claire 2007-03-27 Amazon (US)
4 What You Can't See (Anthology) 4 Roxanne St. Claire 2008-01-00 Amazon (US)
5 First You Run 5 Roxanne St. Claire 2008-03-25 Amazon (US)
6 Then You Hide 6 Roxanne St. Claire 2008-06-24 Amazon (US)
7 Now You Die 7 Roxanne St. Claire 2008-08-26 Amazon (US)
8 Hunt Her Down 8 Roxanne St. Claire 2009-08-25 Amazon (US)

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