Books in the Series: Man-Kzin Wars, the

Series Description:
This is a collection of stories about Human-Kzinti interaction, which is often violent. The first story is by Larry Niven, in whose universe, Known Space, this is taking place. A lot of the rest of the stories are by various authors who Larry invited to participate in this project.
# Title Series Order Author First Published { AUTHOR_BOOKS_AMAZON }
1 Cathouse Dean Ing 1990-00-00 Amazon (US)
2 Heroic Myth of Lieutenant Nora Argamentine, The (Novella) Donald M. Kingsbury 1994-07-00 Amazon (US)
3 Inconstant Star Poul Anderson 1990-01-00 Amazon (US)
4 Man-Kzin War I, The (Anthology) 1 Larry Niven 1988-06-00 Amazon (US)
5 Man-Kzin Wars II, The (Anthology) 2 Larry Niven 1989-08-00 Amazon (US)
6 Man-Kzin Wars III, The (Anthology) 3 Larry Niven 1990-08-00 Amazon (US)
7 Man-Kzin Wars IV (Anthology) 4 Greg Bear 1991-08-01 Amazon (US)
8 Man-Kzin Wars V (Anthology) 5 Larry Niven 1992-00-00 Amazon (US)
9 Man-Kzin Wars VI (Anthology) 6 Gregory Benford 1994-07-00 Amazon (US)
10 Man-Kzin Wars VII 7 Larry Niven 1995-07-00 Amazon (US)
11 Man-Kzin Wars VIII: Choosing Names 8 Larry Niven 1998-09-00 Amazon (US)
12 Man-Kzin Wars IX (Anthology) 9 Larry Niven 2002-01-00 Amazon (US)
13 Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War (Collection) 10 Hal Colebatch 2003-07-22 Amazon (US)

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