Bibliography for Pseudonym: Margaret St. George

# Title Series Author First Published Buy Now
1 Drop-In Bride, The Maggie Osborne 1994-07-01 Amazon (US)
2 For the Love of Beau Delta Justice - 9 Maggie Osborne 1998-04-01 Amazon (US)
3 Heart's Desire Maggie Osborne 1988-10-01 Amazon (US)
4 Joe's Girl Maggie Osborne 1997-12-01 Amazon (US)
5 Love Bites Maggie Osborne 1995-04-01 Amazon (US)
6 Pirate and His Lady, The Maggie Osborne 1992-10-01 Amazon (US)
7 To Love a Thief Maggie Osborne 1996-08-01 Amazon (US)
8 Wish and a Kiss, A Maggie Osborne 1993-08-01 Amazon (US)
9 Wish Upon a Star (Anthology) Judy Christenberry 1999-01-00 Amazon (US)

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