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Mission To a Star



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1964-00-00 Avalon Science Fiction  

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This novel was actually frist published in Satellite Science Fiction in Volume 2 #3, February 1958 under the title Mission to a Distant Star

It began with the sighting of the Scorpion ships in the new 400-inch reflecting telescope on Mount Palomar. The ships landed on Earth to disgorge aliens quite indistinguishable from human beings, except that they were all apparently equal to the genius level of human beings. And, all were in perfect physical condition. They came in peace, they said. Their leader spoke to a plenary session of the United Nations — nations truly united now in the face of what might be a threat to all the peoples of Earth — and he talked as if he were talking to old and trusted friends. He said, "You have asked for proof that we are a responsible and enlightened race. There can be no wisdom without strength, no true enlightenment unless the power to work immense harm exists and is deliberately renounced. We have come to Earth on a scientific mission only, just as someday you will travel to the stars. We ask only complete freedom . . . your friendship, trust, and understanding as long as we choose to remain."