Detailed view for the Book: Life Among the Asteroids (Anthology)

A collection of fact and fiction surrounding space exploration features a work by Poul Anderson, Jerry Pournelle's look at pioneer know-how in space, Charles Sheffield's tale of a space battle between the young and old, and more.

Foreword: The Endless Frontier -- Jerry E. Pournelle
Life Among the Asteroids -- Jerry E. Pournelle
Tinker -- Jerry E. Pournelle
Tool Dresser's Law -- Jack Clemons
The Grand Tour -- Charles Sheffield
Industrial Revolution [as by Winston P. Sanders] -- Poul Anderson
Those Pesky Belters and Their Torchships -- Jerry E. Pournelle
Traveling Salesman -- Peter L. Manly
Teddy Bug and the Hot Purple Snowball -- Phillip C. Jennings
Stealing a Zero-G Cow -- Brooks Peck
Asteroids: The Better Resource -- Eric Drexler
Iceslinger -- John Hegenberger
Ginungagap -- Michael Swanwick
Nunc Dimittis -- Jerry E. Pournelle