Detailed view for the Book: Black Holes (Anthology)

This title is an anthology edited by Jerry Pournelle

Preface by Jerry E. Pournelle
Black Holes and Cosmic Censors by Jerry E. Pournelle -- Dec 1974
He Fell Into a Dark Hole by Jerry E. Pournelle -- Mar 1973
The Hole Man by Larry Niven -- Jan 1974
Fuzzy Black Holes Have No Hair by Jerry E. Pournelle -- Jan 1975
Kyrie by Poul Anderson -- 1968
Killing Vector [McAndrew] by Charles Sheffield -- Mar 1978
The Borderland of Sol [Beowulf Shaeffer] by Larry Niven -- Jan 1975
Pluto Is Black! [revised from "Pluto- Doorway to the Stars", as by George Peterson Field] by Robert L. Forward -- Dec 1962
Fountain of Force by Grant Carrington & George Zebrowski -- 1972
Papa Schimmelhorn's Yang [Papa Schimmelhorn] by Reginald Bretnor -- 1978
Gloria by Gail Kimberly
Singularity by Mildred Downey Broxon -- May/Jun 1978
Cygnus X-1 by Peter Dillingham
The Salesman Who Fell from Grace with the Universe by Peter Dillingham
The Nothing Spot [Cheryl Harbottle] by Dian Girard -- Feb 1978
For the Lady of a Physicist by Michael Bishop
The Venging by Greg Bear -- Jun 1975
In the Beginning... by Jerry E. Pournelle -- Oct 1975

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