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Jazz, The



Science Fiction
Virtual Reality


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1 2000-00-00  

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In the not too distant future the Internet is filled with Jazz: intentional misinformation and bewildering disinformation. There are even virtual Web sites devoted entirely to satirical and entertaining lies. Tin Lizzie, a young woman techie with a criminal past, is a theatrical Web site designer who does backgrounds for such productions.
When a nifty new script shows up on the Web, Lizzie is surprised to learn that it came from a teenage boy names Keyz. It turns out Keyz used his parents' access codes to borrow a Hollywood studio's editing program - the true, hidden source of the script's success. And the studio head wants to lock him in jail and throw away the key.

So Lizzie rescues him and takes him on the road, across the altered landscape of twenty-first century USA, trying to stay one step ahead of the police...and the vengeance of a megalomaniac CEO.

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