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After Silence





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1993-03-00 Doubleday  

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In his late thirties, Max Fischer is a successful cartoonist living in Los Angeles. Scarred by recent love affairs, he is cautious yet nevertheless intriged when he meets Lily Aaron and her son Lincoln. As Max spends more time with the Aarons, he falls hopelessly in love with them. The perfect mate, the perfect child--the perfect situation, since they seem to love him, too, with equal intensity.

But all is not perfect. Shortly after Max moves in with the Aarons, he discovers Lily has committed a crime so heinous that she has been running from the truth for years. Max is suddenly faced with making the most difficult decision of his life: Should he right Lily's wrong--sacrificing his adoptive family? Or should he look away from the truth? Either choice is devastating.

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