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1 1997-00-00 Berkley Books  

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The #1 bestselling author takes you to the front lines, where the Army meets the Air Force -- and America wins... They are America"s front lines -- serving proudly in forward areas around tghe work. Representing the very best from the Army and Air Force, the Airborne Task Force is a formidable combination of manpower and firepower. Now, Tom Clancy examines this elite branch of our nation"s armed forces. With pinpoint accuracy and a style more compelling than fiction, the acclaimed author of Executive Orders delivers a fascinating account of the Airbornemjuggernaut -- the people, the technology, and Airborne"s mission in an ever-changing world. Airborne includes: - Two Tom Clancy "mini-novels" - real world scenarios involving the Airborne Task Force - Airborne"s weapons of the twenty-first century, including the Javelin anti-tank missile, the hypersonic LOSAT fire support system, and the Comanche Stealth Helicopter - Eighteen weeks: Life in an Airborne Alert Brigade - Exclusive photographs, illustrations, and diagrams Plus: An in-depth interview with the incoming commander of the 18th Airborne Corps, General John M. Keane

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