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Earth Lies Sleeping



Science Fiction


Simon Rack


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1974-00-00 Zebra  

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Commander Simon Kennedy Rack and his trusted assistant, Ensign Bogart, are special agents of the Inter-Galactic Security Service. The time is about five hundred years into the future - and strange new worlds and alien races have been discovered. Our universe is now a well-populated community and interplanetary travel has become routine.
As with any dynamic environment that contains living beings, there are problems. The forces of crime and evil are no exception, and it is in this lawless arena that Simon Rack operates. His missions are chosen to make good use of both his intellect and his rebellious killer instincts.

Our first episode takes place on Earth, a desolate and ravaged planet, nearly annihilated by the neutronic wars of the twenty-first century. Rack must infiltrate the inner circles of a feudalistic society formed by survivors of Earth's catastrophe. He has to discover why vital cargoes of Pheronium are being withheld from visiting spaceships.

The mission appears to be within his grasp... but not before a brutal contest with the wicked Count Mescarl, and a romantic bout with the beauteous Guenara.

Rack cannot be completely victorious this day. A battle is won but the war goes on...

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