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Jack Ryan


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1 1984-10-01 United States Naval Institute Press  

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A deadly serious game of hide-and-seek is on.
The CIA's brilliant young analyst, Jack Ryan, thinks he knows the nature of the sudden Red Fleet operation. The Soviets' most valuable ship – a new ballistic-missile submarine with their most trusted and skilled naval officer at the helm – is attempting to defect to the United States. It is high treason on an unprecedented scale, and nearly the entire Soviet Atlantic fleet has been ordered to find and destroy her at all costs.

If the U.S. fleet can locate the Red October first and get her safely to port, it will be the intelligence coup of all time. But the submarine has a million square miles to hide in and a new silent propulsion system that is impossible for either side to detect. Or is it?

Her daring captain, Marko Ramius, thinks so and has staked his life and the lives of his crew on that belief. Determined to revenge himself against a system that has betrayed him, he has plotted his escape with the cunning and confidence of a lifelong submariner.

Viktor Tupolev, once Ramius's devoted student and now commander of the Soviets' fastest attack submarine, is counting on his boat's new sonar system and his own knowledge of the Red October to guide him to his prey.

Bart Mancuso, the aggressive commander of the U.S. Navy's new attack sub, the Dallas, is banking on his own considerable skills, a sophisticated new computer, and the sensitive ears of his resourceful young sonar operator, "Jonesy," to identify the Red October's unique sound print and track her down.

The nerve-wracking hunt goes on for eighteen days as the Red October tries to elude her hunters across 4,000 miles of ocean.

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