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1 1986-08-07 New York : Putnam, c1986.  

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Russia Attacks!
After a disastrous oil field fire, Russia’s only chance to gain the fuel needed for the economy is to capture the Middle East fields. To do this they will have to defeat the Western Powers.

Author’s Note:
This book began sometime ago. I got to know Larry Bond through an advertisement in the U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, when I purchased his war game, “Harpoon.” It turned out to be amazingly useful, and served as a primary source for the Hunt for Red October. I was intrigued enough about it that I drove to a war-gamers’ convention that summer (1982) to meet him in person, and we ended up becoming close friends.

In 1983, while Red October was in pre-production, Larry and I started talking about one of his project: “Convoy-84,” a macro-war game or “campaign” game which, using the “Harpoon” system, would fight out a new Battle of the North Atlantic. I thought this was fascinating and we began talking about building a book around the idea, since, we both agreed, no one outside the Defense Department had ever examined in adequate detail what such a campaign would be like with modern weapons. The more we talked, the better the idea got. Soon we were fiddling with an outline and trying to find a way to limit the scenario to a manageable scope—but to do so without removing any essential elements from the stage. (This proved to be a problem without a really adequate solution, despite endless discussion and not a few violence disagreements!)

Although Larry’s name does not appear on the title page, this book is his as much as mine. We never did figure out the division of labor, but what Larry and I accomplished was to complete a book as co-authors when our only contract was a handshake—and have a whole lot of fun doing it! It is for the reader to decide how successful we have been.

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