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Setting: Eternal Champion
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Elric: Dreamthief's Daughter


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1 2001-00-00 New York : Warner Books, c2001.  

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In centuries past, the Counts of Bek, Germany, have allied with both God and Satan, becoming guardians of supernatural objects of great power. But as the madness of Nazism ensorcells the Fatherland, the family legend draws the attention of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's oldest friend and architect of an insane scheme to control the famous artifacts of Nordic myth: the Holy Grail, the swords of Siegfried and Charlemagne, and other legendary treasures. Now Count Ulric, the last Graf von Bek, must battle S.S. Major Gaynor von Minct for possession of the family's ancestral blade - the near-sentient black sword called Ravenbrand.

At the same moment, eons and worlds away, a sorcerous army gathers against the Eternal City of Tanelorn. And Elric, the last Sorcerer Emperor of Melniboni, must battle Gaynor the Damned for control of the Stealer of Souls - the demonic Black Sword, Stormbringer. Tricked into a trance, Elric is helpless while Ulric is captured by the Nazis.

In a concentration camp, the destinies of Elric and von Bek will entwine with that of the mysterious Oona - the beautiful Dreamthief's Daughter. Now the modern Saxon nobleman and the inhuman Prince of Ruins must become one. For Gaynor's manipulations of space, time, Chaos, and Law will destroy the entire Multiverse - unless Elric can summon his dragon kin and show the Nazis what unleashing Hell on Earth truly means....

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