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Dragon in the Sword, the (Omnibus)



Setting: Eternal Champion


Eternal Champion, the


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1986-00-00 New York : Ace Fantasy Books, 1986.  

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John Daker is the Eternal Champion, trapped in a dimensionless plane outside of time, defender and destroyer of justice, a hero whose quest for justice leads only further into darkness. Haunted by the memories of too many battles waged during countless lifetimes, he searches for the beautiful Ermizhad - and for the key that will allow him to step off the wheel of infinite incarnations. His is a voyage on a dark ship piloted by a blind helmsman, through the slave stalls of the Cannibal ghost Women and the tunnels of doom to a monstrous confrontation with the Evil that could plunge the world into the final night of oblivion. The Dragon in the Sword is the epic culmination of the strange and startling adventures of John Daker, the Eternal Champion, from modern fantasy's most inspired practitioner.

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