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Count Brass (Hawkmoon Omnibus)



Setting: Eternal Champion
Time Travel


Eternal Champion, Tale of the


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1993-00-00 Gollancz  

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In this, the concluding volume of the epic Tale of the Eternal Champion, we make the fearsome journey to Tanelorn, and at last the Eternal Champion"s long struggle nears it"s awesome resolution... As both hero and heroine, the Eternal Champion must test the limits of reality, trade illusion for more illusion, all in a desperate bid to regain a lost love - and come at last to the fabled city of tranquillity, Tanelorn. But first the avatars of the Champion - Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose and others must pool their strength and their swords, their enormous wisdom and courage, in order to bring about the Conjunction of the Million Spheres, the most mighty change in the order of the entire multiverse. As reality layers upon reality, illusion upon illusion, a truth emerges that only a few have the strength - or the power - to confront. The great war between Law and Chaos, a war that can never truly be won, is about to reach the zenith of its intensity when the fates of a whoel universe will be decided on a single swordstroke. Everything that Dorian Hawkmoon ever loved will be torn away from him, its very existence and memory wiped out forever... and the long, tragic tale of the Eternal Champion will be doomed to repeat itself, unknowingly, on and on, through all the cycles of the vast multiverse, until the end of Time itself. Contains: "Count Brass", "The Champion Of Garathorm", "The Quest For Tanelorn"

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