Detailed view for the Book: Science Fiction of the Thirties (Anthology)


Foreword by Damon Knight
The Early Years by Damon Knight
Out Around Rigel by Robert H. Wilson -- Dec 1931
The Fifth-Dimension Catapult [Tommy Reames] by Murray Leinster -- Jan 1931
Into the Meteorite Orbit by Frank K. Kelly -- Dec 1933
The Battery of Hate by John W. Campbell, Jr. -- Nov 1933
The Middle Period by Damon Knight
The Wall by Howard W. Graham -- May 1934
The Lost Language by David H. Keller, M.D. -- Jan 1934
The Last Men by Frank Belknap Long -- Aug 1934
The Other by Howard W. Graham -- Dec 1934
The Mad Moon by Stanley G. Weinbaum -- Dec 1935
Davey Jones' Ambassador by Raymond Z. Gallun -- Dec 1935
Alas, All Thinking! by Harry Bates -- Jun 1935
The Time Decelerator by A. MacFadyen, Jr. -- Jul 1936
The Council of Drones by W. K. Sonnemann -- Oct 1936
The End by Damon Knight
Seeker of Tomorrow by Eric Frank Russell & Leslie J. Johnson -- Jul 1937
Hyperpilosity by L. Sprague de Camp -- Apr 1938
Pithecanthropus Rejectus by Manly Wade Wellman -- Jan 1938
The Merman by L. Sprague de Camp -- Dec 1938
The Day Is Done by Lester del Rey -- May 1939
Bibliography -- Misc.

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