Detailed view for the Book: Orbit 18 (Anthology)


They Say -- Damon Knight
Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Your Crisis -- Kate Wilhelm
The Hand with One Hundred Fingers -- R. A. Lafferty
Meathouse Man -- George R. R. Martin
Rules of Moopsball -- Gary Cohn
In Pierson's Orchestra -- Kim Stanley Robinson
Who Was the First Oscar to Win a Negro? -- Craig Strete
Mary Margaret Road-Grader -- Howard Waldrop
Coming Back to Dixieland -- Kim Stanley Robinson
The Teacher -- Kathleen M. Sidney
The Family Winter of 1986 -- Felix C. Gotschalk
A Modular Story -- Raylyn Moore
The M&M Seen as a Low-Yield Thermonuclear Device -- John Varley
The Eve of the Last Apollo -- Carter Scholz
The Memory Machine -- Misc.
Arcs & Secants -- Misc.

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