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Barry N. Malzberg - Underlay - 8 clong


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1 1974-00-00 Avon  

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Barry Malzberg's UNDERLAY is an underground classic, a comic gem, and a philosopher's guide to the world of horse racing and wagering. The story is narrated by a degenerate horseplayer in hock to the mob to his eye teeth. This unlucky soul has been assigned to "disinter" the body of the "late but famous Harry the Flat" from his resting place under the backstretch at Aqueduct Racetrack, "in deepest Queens" New York. The story that unfolds as the long day proceeds weaves back and forth in time and reminiscence, tying together events and topics as disparate as the assassination of President Kennedy, the role of the racetrack tip sheet, and the sex life of gamblers. While it is tempting to tag Malzberg's masterpiece with stylistic debts to Runyon and Kafka, the fact is that this brilliant but neglected novel is entirely sui generis.

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