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Wild Cards


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1 1991-00-00 Bantam  

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After two full-blown mosaic novels in volumes 6 and 7, we're back to the regular Wild Cards structure for volume 8. In this case, we follow the character of Jerry Strauss - once The Projectionist, now Mr Nobody - in a series of stories (all written by Walton Simons) that run through the core of the book as he becomes aware of a growing band of aces, called 'jumpers', who are beginning to make their presence felt in the city of New York. The first, Nobody's Girl starts us off by seeing how he's adapting to life (and a love-life) since the events of volume 4. Not very well it would seem.

Luck be a Lady (by Chris Claremont) introduces us to a new doctor hoping to join Tachyon's clinic, the tough Cody Havero who gets into the spirit of things by taking it on herself to go underground in the search for a deadly ace preying on women.

Nobody Knows Me Like My Baby catches up with Jerry before we join up with an ex of his, Veronica in Horses (by Lewis Shiner) where the jumpers make their first unsettling appearance. Jerry plays detective in Mr Nobody Goes to Town as well as other people, as he seeks answers to a question posed in the last story.

Lazy Dragon makes a return in Snow Dragon (by William Wu) as he goes on an errand to reclaim a package for his Shadow Fist bosses and comes into contact with The Oddity, and we meet, for the first time, Bloat - the self-styled 'Governor of the Rox' on Ellis Island.

Jerry's back in Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen before we meet up again with Mark Meadows in Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (by Victor Milan) wherein Mark's role as parent becomes jeopardised by the reappearance of his troubled ex-wife Sunflower, the effects of which which will be resolved in memorable fashion in the next volume.

Jerry learns that You're Nobody Till Someone Loves You before we get to share a birthday with the three people that make up the Oddity in Sixteen Candles (by Steven Leigh), as they come face to faces with a jumper.

Jerry follows the money in My Name is Nobody and then we join Dr Tachyon and Cody in The Devil's Triangle (by Melinda Snodgrass) and it starts to become obvious (to the reader if not Dr Tachyon) that his grandson Blaise isn't going to follow in the footsteps of angels.

Jerry's says goodbye to a few people in Nobody's Home before we go to the other side of the tracks in Dead Heart Beating (by John J. Miller) where Shadow Fist underboss Fadeout finds he's got a head for business and lives up to his name when he goes to the movies.

And finally, we bid adieu (but not goodbye) to Jerry in Nobody Gets Out Alive as he finally learns the secret of the jumpers.

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