Detailed view for the Book: Nightmares (Anthology)

Introduction by Charles L. Grant
Suffer the Little Children by Stephen King
Peekaboo by Bill Pronzini
Daughter of the Golden West by Dennis Etchison
The Duppy Tree by Steven E. McDonald
Naples by Avram Davidson
Seat Partner [Saint-Germain] by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Camps by Jack M. Dann
The Anchoress by Beverly Evans
Transfer by Barry N. Malzberg
Unknown Drives by Richard Christian Matheson
The Night of the Piasa by George W. Proctor & J. C. Green
The Runaway Lovers by Ray Russell
Fisherman's Log by Peter D. Pautz
I Can't Help Saying Goodbye by Ann Mackenzie
Midnight Hobo by Ramsey Campbell
Snakes and Snails by Jack C. Haldeman, II
Mass Without Voices by Arthur L. Samuels
He Kilt It with a Stick by William F. Nolan
The Ghouls by R. Chetwynd-Hayes