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Imzadi (Book 2 of 2): Triangle



Science Fiction
Setting: Star Trek


Star Trek: TNG


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1 1998-10-01 Pocket-Trek  

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Linkdev: The Imzadi sub-series needs improved subnumbering on IBList. -- Brad

Database Note: Books I & II of this series were later re-released as part of an omnibus edition titled "Imzadi Forever". -- Brad

Reader Remarks: (K. Wyatt, from I had read this when it was originally released and felt it was lacking. I recently decided to re read it and give it another chance. I don"t regret that at all. Imzadi II is, as stated above, as good as or better than the first. The book starts off with Worf dealing with the pain and anguish over Jadzia, his wife, be killed. Then, it casually rolls over into his reflecting upon his failed engagement to Deanna Troi. Then we meet again with Tom Riker, Commander William T. Riker"s doppelganger, who was created through a transporter accident. He"s living in misery on Lazon II, a Cardassian labor camp. A result of his joining the Maquis and consequent capture after hijacking the Defiant and attempting to destroy Cardassian targets. We"re immediately hurled to when the Enterprise D was destroyed and everybody is on Veridian III. Worf makes the decision to ask for Deanna"s hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Riker is speaking with LaForge and decides to tell Deanna he"s still in love with her and wants to be with her. Unfortunately for Riker, he"s a couple minutes to late and has to bite the bullet for his friend"s sake. From there, Peter David crafted another absolutely wonderful Star Trek story. It involves several key players from Star Trek The Next Generation and even someone from Deep Space Nine. One chapter even includes Lwaxana sparring not too successfully with Worf. This is another fine Star Trek novel by Peter David, a wonderful follow up to the earlier Imzadi and a great addition to your Star Trek library.

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