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(aka The Planet Explorer)


Colonial Survey
(aka The Planet Explorer)



Science Fiction


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1 1956-00-00  

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Centuries, eons from now the peculiar, fantastic, astounding MIND OF MAN will conquer strange, new worlds, presently beyond the reaches of imagination-and probe the meaning of the central core of infinity with instruments of incredible scientific precision!

Product Description
Eons from now, Man will hurtle through the void in gravity-defying ships across light years of distance to far-flung planets . . . And more staggering yet, he will colonize these islands in the unimaginably vast ocean of space. There will be world, such as:
LANI III -- a glacier-land warmed by man

XOSA II-- a shining desert made green by man

LOREN II -- an inferno of beasts, tamed by man

The fascinating and heroic story of a trail-blazer to the unknown -- outer-space service officer Bordman, who uses incredible knowledge and skill to make the star-flung outposts of civilization ready to receive new, vast surges of humanity!

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