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Captains and the Kings





# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1972-04-01 Doubleday  

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When his mother dies in New York Harbor after a long and hard trip across the Atlantic, Joseph Francis Xavier Armagh finds himself responsible for his beautiful and talented but flighty younger brother and his newborn sister. He sacrifices his childhood and any personal comfort slaving at any paying work he can get, legal or illegal, to support his siblings and provide them with a better life. Anger and hatred for the people and country he feels have pushed him down and victimized him fuel his bitter resolve to become a wealthy, powerful man as much as his devotion to his siblings. Every move he makes throughout his entire life is calculated to amass riches and power in order to force society to accept his family as it never accepted him. His ultimate goal, to make his son the President of the United States, obsesses his every waking moment.

As his wealth and power grows, he becomes more and more involved with the powerful bankers and businessmen who control the world from behind the scenes--seeking to manipulate them to HIS ends, even as they sink their insidious claws deeper and deeper into his life.


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