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and the Kings, Captains



Fiction (General)


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1972-04-01 Doubleday  

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Joseph Francis Armagh, his mother, younger brother, and infant sister arrive in New York harbor after a horrible voyage across the Atlantic from Ireland. Just before she dies, his mother begs 13-year-old Joe to take care of his brother and sister and help his father who had left for the "golden land" of America months before. Sadly, he soon discovers that his father has also died, weeks before, and that he and his siblings are not wanted by his newly married uncle. Blessed with an iron will and a sturdy intellect, Joseph becomes a man obsessed with amassing wealth to care for his siblings. His heart seethes with hatred for religion which could not save his mother and for the new land which deprives him and his Irish countrymen of basic human dignity and respect. His hatred for these and his deep love for his siblings fuels his rise to wealth and power. He works tirelessly to have his revengence on those he feels wronged him and to put his son in the White House--at the expense of everything he holds dear.


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