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1 1999-08-01 Jove Magical Love  

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In the fire opals of an ancient treasure live two djinn. Once freed from the stones, these immortal spirits will serve their master's commands. But these djinn also have another purpose--to bring the wearer a true and lasting love...

Sir Connor Warrick had a reputation for ferocity both on and off the battlefield. Known as "The Beast of Stavebrook," he was haunted by his dark and mysterious past, as were all those who surrounded him--including his betrothed, lovely young Lady Alura de Gabin.

Despite the knigl4t's ill repute, he was heir to an impressive fortune ... a fortune Alura's father had set his sight on many years earlier. Bound by her father's wishes and her own sense of honor, Alura reluctantly accepts "the Beast's" proposal, and the exotic gift that accompanies it. Little does she know what awaits inside the brilliant opals of the exquisite slave bracelet: a magic unlike any she has ever imagined ... and a love more rare than any jewel...

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