Detailed view for the Book: Malice Domestic 5 (Anthology)


•Mysteries of Manners, Labors of Love by Phyllis A. Whitney
•Conventual Spirit by Sharan Newman
•Double Jeopardy by Eileen Dreyer
•Shelved [Susannah Maria “Suze” Figueroa] by Barbara D’Amato
•Takeout by Joyce Christmas
•Crossed Keys by Patricia Moyes
•Ham Grease Jimmy and the No Shirt Kid by Sue Henry
•The Death of Erik the Redneck [Laura Fleming] by Toni L. P. Kelner >
•The Bun Also Rises by Jill Churchill
•Hill People by Dean Feldmeyer
•Barbecued Bimbo by Susan Rogers Cooper
•Honeymoon by Nancy Atherton
•Vivian by Moonlight by Medora Sale
•A Parrot Is Forever by Peter Lovesey
•Married to a Murderer by Alan Russell
•Bugged by Eve K. Sandstrom
•Accidents Will Happen by Carolyn Wheat

Edited by: Phyllis A. Whitney and Martin H. Greenberg

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