Detailed view for the Book: Cat Crimes 2 (Anthology)

Nineteen tales of mystery from today's masters.

From the pens of today's most prolific, popular, and feline-fancying mystery writers comes CAT CRIMES 2, a chilling collection of original stories that will leave cat- and mystery-lovers purring for more. Inside you'll encounter the Bogart drawl of P.I. pussycat Mr. Midnight; Oscar, the furry partner-in-crime-solving; and Widget, a cat who knows the meaning of revenge. In fact, there's a feline for everyone's taste -- the sweet AND the savage -- in a whisker-twitching collection of mysterious and marvelous cat tales.


by John F. Suter
•Saratoga Cat by Edward D. Hoch
•Tom by Bill Pronzini
•The Maltese Double Cross by Carole Nelson Douglas
•All Places Are Alike by June Haydon
•Hunger by Christopher Fahy
•Ailurophobia by B.W. Battin
•The Maggody Files: Hillbilly Cat by Joan Hess
•Every Wednesday (A Novel Idea for a Short Story) by Nancy Pickard
•The Scent of Spiced Oranges by Les Roberts
•The Beast Within by Margaret B. Maron
•Kitty Litter by Richard Laymon
•A Long Time Sitting by Charlotte MacLeod
•Cat Lady by Carolyn Wheat
•The New Black Cat by Bill Crider
•To Kill a Cat by Barbara Collins
•Nine Lives to Live by Sharyn McCrumb
•Five Starving Cats and a Dead Dog by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
•The Winfield Trade by Jeremiah Healy
Edited by: Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg