Detailed view for the Book: All Hallow's Eve (Anthology)

In All Hallows' Eve, gifted writers have concocted a Regency witches' cauldron of romance and shadows, love and laughter, horror and delight.

Joan Aiken's story conjures a peer's ghost who wreaks destruction on a modern guest-house; lovers invoke Lord Samhain with haunting results in a captivating tale by Jo Beverley; superstition is the key in Carola Dunn's light-hearted story of love and apparitions; a new theory concerning Mary Shelley and her singular muse is brought to light by S. N. Lewitt; an Irish peer and a modern American find they have something grisly in common in a ghostly tale by Morgan Llywelyn; Marvin Kaye paints a touching portrait of love that survives beyond the grave; Grand Master of Fantasy Andre Norton writes of a betrothal gift imbued with unutterable horror; Nancy Richards-Akers crafts an account of love that challenges the curse of time; Caroline Stevermer gives an unexpected twist to a story of familial jealousy ...

The sixteen stories collected here reveal supernatural aspects of Regency life and explore the magical havoc ghosts from that era can wreak in modern times.


Peer Behind the Scene by Joan Aiken
Lord Samhain's Night by Jo Beverley
Oakdean by Elizabeth Broadnax
Parson's Mousetrap by Marie Louise Cull
Superstition by Carola Dunn
The Drowned Lovers by Elizabeth Holden
A Portrait of Faith by Marvin Kaye
Pipe Dreams by S.N. Lewitt
The Mistletoe Bough by Morgan Llywelyn
The Bones of Faerie by Hope Manville
The Nabob's Gift by Andre Norton
The Winchelsea Bride by Nancy Richards-Akers
Be-Witchie by Jeanne Savery
The Pack by C.H. Sherman
Waiting for Harry by Caroline Stevermer
Lady of Shadows by Susan C. Stone

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