Detailed view for the Book: Death Dines at 8:30 (Anthology)


Foreword by Nich DiChario
Introduction by Claudia Bishop
Steak Tartare by Barbara D'Amato
The Theft of the Sandwich Board by Edward D. Hoch
8-3-oh by Nick Danger
Chicken Catch a Tory by Tamar Myers
A Passion for the Cook by Elizabeth Daniels Squire
Just One Bite Won't Kill You by Valerie Wolzien
Dead and Berried by Claudia Bishop
Chocolate Moose by Bill and Judy Crider
The Fixer by Camilla T. Crespi
Even Butterflies Can Sting by Mike Resnick
George Washington Crashed Here by Jean Hager
The Boxing Day Bother by Patricia Guiver
Plant Engineering by Nancy Kress
The Bagel Murders by David A. Kaufelt
Death Before Compline by Sharan Newman
Cold Turkey by Diane Mott Davidson

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