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A Match for Papa (Anthology)



Short Stories


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1 2003-05-01 Zebra  

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"Father knows best"...unless he's denying his family the chance to find him true love! Some stubborn papas need a bit of encouragement to try romance once more...but we know the fathers in these special stories will charm you from the start!

"The Most Unlikely Papa" by Maria Greene
Widowed Allegra Rutherford has only one thing to look forward to--the birth of her child. She does not, however, plan for it to come quite so soon--and certainly not after a carriage accident, with a notorious rogue like Jack Hollister, Earl of Roche, as her only attendant. A rogue who is suddenly looking at her, and her newborn, with the utmost tenderness in his eyes, and the sweetest words on his lips...

"The Muddled Matchmakers" by Victoria Hinshaw
Hugh Grayson, a widower with a small daughter, can think of nothing he wants less than to marry again. His father, however, seems to have different plans--and is now in league with a baronet next door, who wants his own widowed daughter to find love again! It's a tangle of epic proportions--until Hugh realizes that the young woman in question has inspired feelings of a decidedly romantic nature...

"A Father's Love" by Donna Simpson
Unmarried by choice, Lady Theresa Barclay has always found "projects" to keep her from boredom. When a widower with two small children takes up residence at a nearby estate, she is intrigued. James Martindale is suspicious of her motives and highly protective of his offspring until she convinces him that she can help them all adjust to country life. But will she adjust to falling in love?