Detailed view for the Book: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories for Late at Night


•Death Is a Dream by Robert Arthur
•It’s a Good Life by Jerome Bixby
•The Whole Town’s Sleeping by Ray Bradbury
•Lady’s Man by Ruth Chatterton
•Evening Primrose by John Collier
•The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl
•The Cocoon by John B. L. Goodwin
•Vintage Season by C. L. Moore
•Pieces of Silver by Brett Halliday
•The Whistling Room by William Hope Hodgson
•Told for the Truth by Cyril Hume
•The Ash-Tree by M. R. James
•Side Bet by Will F. Jenkins
•Second Night Out by Frank Belknap Long
•Our Feathered Friends by Philip MacDonald
•The Fly by George Langelaan
•Back There in the Grass by Gouverneur Morris
•The Mugging [“A Mugging at Midnight”] by Edward L. Perry
•Finger! Finger! by Margaret Ronan
•A Cry from the Penthouse by Henry Slesar
•The People Next Door by Pauline C. Smith
•D-Day by Robert Trout
•The Man Who Liked Dickens by Evelyn Waugh
•The Iron Gates by Margaret Millar

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