Detailed view for the Book: Century of Noir, A (Anthology)

Thirty-two stories of stunning ingenuity. Thirty-two writers of legendary genius. One hundred years of crime fiction in a one-of-a-kind collection.


Introduction by Max Allan Collins
The Meanest Cop in the World by Chester Himes
Just Another Stiff by Carroll John Daly
Something for the Sweeper by Norbert Davis
I Feel Bad Killing You by Leigh Brackett
Don't Look Behind You by Fredric Brown
Death Comes Gift-Wrapped by William P. McGivern
Murder for Money by John D. MacDonald
Cigarette Girl by James M. Cain
Guilt-Edged Blonde by Ross Macdonald
The Gesture by Gil Brewer
The Plunge by David Goodis
Tomorrow I Die by Mickey Spillane
Never Shake a Family Tree by Donald E. Westlake
Somebody Cares by Talmage Powell
The Granny Woman by Dorothy B. Hughes
Wanted--Dead and Alive by Stephen Marlowe
The Double Take by Richard S. Prather
The Real Shape of the Coast by John Lutz
Dead Men Don't Drown by Evan Hunter
The Used by Loren D. Estleman
Busted Blossoms by Stuart M. Kaminsky
The Kerman Kill by Willam Campbell Gault
Deceptions by Marcia Muller
The Nickel Derby by Robert J. Randisi
The Reason Why by Ed Gorman
No Comment by John Jakes
How Would You Like It? by Lawrence Block
Grace Notes by Sara Paretsky
One Night at Dolores Park by Bill Pronzini
Dead Drunk by Lia Matera
Kaddish for the Kid by Max Allan Collins
Lost and Found by Benjamin M. Schutz