Detailed view for the Book: Chesapeake Crimes: They Had It Comin' (Anthology)

"Not many of us would admit, even to ourselves, that we had actually wished for something awful to befall anybody we knew. On the other hand, if we've ever felt exploited by an acquaintance, or undervalued in a job that we felt trapped in-if we've experienced an unappreciative boss, a backstabbing co-worker, a jealous rival, a manipulative friend, a faithless lover, an intrusive neighbor, or even a controlling homeowners' association board . . . well, you get the picture.
"Each of us has doubtless gone a round or two with someone whom we secretly felt deserved more than a small dose of Divine Justice. This probably explains why most of us can't help but smile upon hearing that somebody who "done us wrong" has, at long last, gotten his "just desserts." In extreme cases (that is, if you're anything like me) you might even have gone so far, in the past, as to uncork a small split of champagne!

"I suspect there'll be plenty of bubbly flowing as you relish reading about twenty of literature's most deserving villains, who get their comeuppance in Chesapeake Crimes: They Had It Comin'."

--Katharine Neville, from the Foreword


Foreword by Katherine Neville
The Plan by Donna Andrews
The Recollections of Rosabelle Raines by Karen Cantwell
Death Near the Rim of Heaven by Trish Carrico
Delicious Death by Mary Ann Corrigan
His Favorite Girl by Carla Coupe
Cleaning Fish by Meriah Crawford
Volunteer of the Year by Barb Goffman
Venomous by Sasscer Hill
Double Deal by Mary Ellen Hughes
Cosmic Justice by Smita H. Jain
All in the Numbers by B. V. Lawson
Passing Through by Audrey Liebross
Anchors Away by C. Ellett Logan
A Woman Who Thinks by Debbi Mack
Bookworm by G. M. Malliet
Please Dispose of Properly by Ann McMillan
Climacophobia by Bonner Menking
Safe Sex, Vampire Style by Helen Schwartz
Remote Death by Shelley Shearer
Old Route 8 by Lisa M. Tillman

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