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1 2005-05-03 Zebra  

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Determinedly unwed, Jane Rosemoor has turned away countless suitors because she is secretly fearful of the mysterious malady that afflicts the married women of her family. But when she crosses paths with the sinfully handsome - and insufferably arrogant - Earl of Westfield, she is rendered delirious by his kiss...and outraged by his proposal. His young ward requires a woman's influence and he himself needs an heir. It is an offer so unabashedly rude, yet so unaccountably tempting, that her only choice is to turn it down flat before the earl can seduce her into changing her mind...Hayden is stunned by Jane's refusal - after all, he's offered to rescue her from spinsterhood and make her a countess. He doesn't want romance: hard experience has taught him that love is the surest path to misery. Yet despite his best efforts, he is falling hopelessly for Jane, a situation that proves increasingly awkward - especially after one scorching encounter that neither can forget. Confronted with passion impossible to ignore, will two stubborn souls close the door on love - or unveil their hearts?