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Lords of Desire (Anthology)



Short Stories


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1 2009-01-27 Kensington  

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Smuggler's Lair by Virginia Henley
The Naked Laird by Sally MacKenzie
Lessons in Pleasure by Victoria Dahl
Swept Away by Kristi Astor

Victoria Carswell, the heroine of Virginia Henley's "Smuggler's Lair" will not be bound by society's dictates. She'll even risk skinny - dipping in view of an abandoned castle. At least, Victoria thinks it's abandoned, until a dashing smuggler lures her into an adventure that defies every rule. In "The Naked Laird" by Sally MacKenzie, the viscount's house party promises to be one of the season's highlights, and Lord and Lady Kilgorn are delighted to attend. If only the long estranged couple had realised they were both invited - and assigned the same bedchamber. Victoria Dahl's "Lessons in Pleasure" introduces Sara Hood, who is newly married to her beloved James, and should be blissfully happy...yet close proximity to a man fills her with anxiety. But James plans to awaken Sarah to pleasure in order to forge a true union of body and soul. In Kristi Astor's "Swept Away", vivacious Christobel Smyth is a gentleman's daughter, while brooding, proud John Leyden comes from a family of northern mill owners. The two could not be more different, yet as passion flares at a country party, Christobel finds he may be her match in every way.

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