Detailed view for the Book: Dragons of Spring

War of the Lance Campaign, Volume Three

The icy chill of darkness begins to melt as spring returns to Ansalon. In the West, the Dragonarmies are being held at bay for the moment, and the forces of good have rediscovered lost secrets that give them the small hope of victory. But in the East, evil gnaws at the heart of Ansalon. The Queen of Darkness is not easily defeated, and her armies of evil dragons surround strongholds that have been ripped from the earth and float in the sky. The elven kingdom of Silvanesti has been corrupted by terrible magic into a nightmare forest, where one cannot distinguish the dream from the real. Keys to victory might be found underneath the red waves of the Blood Sea of Istar, or given by the gods themselves in a place known as Godshome. Finally, the source of the evil must be confronted in Neraka or Takhisis will emerge to control the world of Krynn.

Dragons of Spring is a Dragonlance adventure for the d20 System set in the War of the Lance era. It can be played as the starting point of a new campaign or continue the adventure starting with Dragons of Autumn and continued with Dragons of Winter. The adventure is designed for characters of 9th - 11th level and requires the use of the War of the Lance sourcebook, the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, and d20 System core rulebooks from Wizards of the Coast.

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