Detailed view for the Book: Dragons of Time

Dragons dead, and dragons alive. Every size, type, color, and strange mood. Some good, some bad, and some not very snuggly.

Welcome to an evil wizard’s macabre puppet show. Meet a chain of fools locked in a showdown with a brass dragon. Read the latest edition of “The Flying Dragon.”

These and more fantastic tales come from Richard A. Knaak, Jean Rabe, Paul B. Thompson, and other Dragonlance authors telling new tales of Krynn and of dragons that have shaped the world.

Table of Contents

"Homecoming" by Lizz Weis
"Chain of Fools" by Cam Banks
"Jaws of Defeat" by Paul B. Thompson
"Unforgotten" by Jean Rabe
"I Read It in The Flying Dragon" by Douglas W. Clark
"Aurora's Heart" by Rachel Gobar
"The Dragon's Claw" by Jake Bell
"Bloodrage" by Kevin T. Stein
"The Vow" by Richard A. Knaak
"Song of the Mother" by Lucien Soulban
"The Eight" by Mary H. Herbert
"No Strings Attached" by Miranda Horner and Margaret Weis