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1 2006-00-00 Subterranean Press  

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An outstanding and unique collection from an outstanding and unique talent. Philip Jose Farmer, three time Hugo winner and Nebula Grand Master in 2001, has written exciting and provocative fiction since his debut, the ground breaking "The Lovers," stunned the SF community in 1952.

Pearls from Peoria assembles over sixty previously uncollected pieces of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and autobiography that demonstrate the extraordinary range and vitality of Philip Jose Farmer's imagination.

Many of the pieces appear here for the first time anywhere, while others have previously appeared only in small run magazines that have remained elusive and avidly sought after by Farmer aficionados.

These tales and articles provide the reader with a grand tour of the literary pocket universes that make up Philip Jose Farmer's private cosmos. The range is vast, from horror to pulp heroes, and autobiography with pieces on Tarzan and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Doc Savage and Sir Richard Burton, Riverworld and Oz, Sherlock Holmes and Ralph von Wau Wau.

Pearls from Peoria represents outstanding value for people who want access to this incredibly rare work without spending a fortune, and copious amounts of time and energy, tracking down the individual original publications.