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Science Fiction


Quintaglio Ascension


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1994-03-01 Ace  

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The final episode in Sawyer's popular chronicle of the Quintaglio race, an evolved dinosaur species occupying the moon of a gas giant known as the Face of God, reveals some surprising secrets about the race's origins and brings the trilogy to a suspenseful close. Still suffering the punishment of blindness for declaring the Face of God a planet and the Quintaglio world doomed to destruction in 100 years, the famed astronomer Afsan undergoes a revelatory new therapy for restoring vision to his regrown eyes. Meanwhile, on an ocean voyage, Afsan's son discovers another intelligent saurian race, which provokes violence from the Quintaglios that leads to an interspecies war, and the exploration of a ruined alien spacecraft by Afsan's ex-mate Novato triggers the automated construction of an awe-inspiring space tower that may provide the Quintaglios the means of escaping their world before it breaks apart.

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